Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Crafts

Here is the latest craft I've been working on. I have signed up to participate in the 2007 annual holiday craft swap provided by Freshly Blended Blog. To start i submit ed my address and then they sent me eight other addresses to send an ornament to and in return i will receive eight ornaments for my Christmas tree. so i have been working vigorously on crafting my ornaments. i chose to create a dove ornament out of white felt with gold stitching. I also decided to send a christmas card with floating snowflakes and some trimming. check out my pics.

So first i had to cut out all my little doves, two sided.
Then i sticthed around the dove with gold thread adding a nice gold ribbon to hang the dove on the tree by the center of the body. but i didnt stich together the wings so that they could be free flying. I am a button fantic and have billions of buttons but none the color i needed. so i rounded up al my white buttons and painted them the perfect shade of gold and used some crafty glue and adheared them to the doves.
for the card i used paperstock, velume, and metalic silver flakes. i stitched the boarder with a nice gold zig zag with the blue card stock on the bottom and vellu on the top and stuffed the metallic flakes in the middle. I finished the card off with gluing a white square in the middle and adding some triming to the boarder with a nice little pine stem in the corner.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I made my neice, four years old, a couple of childrens clothing for christmas. I used a sample pattern for childrens wear and then changed it to fit the different styles i wanted.I made her a "My little pony" shirt, which she adores "my little pony". It is a simple pull over with little ruffle cap sleeves. Then I made her little flannel pajamas of "Madagascar", which she loves the movie. It has pearl snaps down the center.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I created this blog for my love of crafting and to share with all who enjoy. I attend school for fashion design and am constantly creating and crafting away. Crafting allows you to freely explore all possible ends with no limits. If you like it, you can create it.