Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Recycling is Fun

My school was donated a whole bunch of recycled ties for a special event. So i used all parts of the ties to create a strapless top, shorts and a little bag. The top was created from the tie being opened up and stitched together. I was alittle tricky because ties are created on the bias for stretch so each piece was on different bias angle. but because of the bias i didn't need to put a zipper or button closure. The top simply pulls over with an adjustable back closure. the shorts was created out of the interfacing inside of the ties. i cut the in straight pieces and stitched each one with a sportswear decorative flat lock stitch. The bag was crated out of six ties. I used everypiece of the tie, even the tag-which is used as a closure. i used the interfacing pieces of the tie as interfacing in the bag and handles. I had alot of fun creating each piece and it was inexspensive because it was made from recycled ties.

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