Thursday, February 14, 2008

Screen printing the E-Z way

Preface- So I found a great website to order labels but i cant decide on a design so i decided to print my own labels until i decide. One of my teachers told me about this process and there are several ways to print via the computer but her way is the most inexspensive.
I printed my own labels on an inkjet printer using freezer paper and either a woven or knit fabric. I created a nice design in photoshop ( or you can use word or paint) and layed the labels out so they had a nice seam allowance on all for sides. Then i purchased freezer paper from the supermarket (publix) and ironed the shiny side onto the back of my fabric. The freezer paper allowed the fabric to become sturdy just like real paper. then i simply placed the fabric through the printer and in five seconds i had a screenprinted label. **frezzer paper is what ou package meat in for the freezer. but it does have instructions for how to use with appliquing.
At craft stores there are several different kinds of fabric paper you can buy. the ones that have paper on the back and you print then peel the paper off or the sheets that you print on then iron the design onto a peice of fabric. Well you get like 4-8 sheets for 10+$$$. Freezer paper works just as great and you get like 10ft in a role for 3$. Plus you can iron on whatever type of fabric you like! My first project i used the same color of fabric i created a collection out of for a runway show and printed labels so they could match my collection. then i created a nice little active sportswear outfit and wanted labels for the outside of the garment. so i ironed on knit fabric and printed onto that.
My last project I designed fabric on the computer for a swimwear collection for one of my classes. we were asked to print samples. so i pulled out my freezer paper and some swimwear fabric and printed right onto the fabric. It is sooo great, fast, and inexspensive.

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