Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Music decor

My fiance is a muscian, so i made him some music decor for his apartment. I bought some music note fur from joann fabrics and cut a circle two inches bigger all around than a regular toilet seat cover. Then i sewed some elastic about two inches smaller than the circumference of the circle on the edge. when i was finished the elastic pulled the fabric under and it laid perfectly on the toilet seat cover. i also made a no-sew blanket from black and music note fleece. i purchased the fleece from joanns and cut them 2 yards by 60". Then i cut three inch slits around the entire border on both layers of fabric. at the corners i cut out a three by three square. When i was done cutting i then tied the under layer to the top layer on each strand. After all the tieing i ended up with this blanket. It is sooo comfortable and very very warm. a little too warm for Florida. I also two pillow cases to go along with the blanket. i cut a long piece of fabric 50" x 19" and folded it in half and sewed the two sides together. then i sewed the blank band onto the edge for some contrasting effects. my last music decor are these little felt flushed music notes.
i printed out music notes off the computer to get the appropriate size and used the pattern to cut out the notes from felt. i zig-zaged the borders and stuffed them with some poly plush. on the tips i attached silver ribbon so you could hang them up.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the music note fleece?