Thursday, February 14, 2008


This valentine I decided to particpate in the Free People valentine swap which includes people all over the world. So they sent me an address and a name for my valentine sawp buddy and i got to work. i really love mobiles so i decided to make a valentine mobile. i was sooo exicited but didnt know where to start being a beginner. so i researched alot of Cadler's mobiles and other modern designers and found out they are usually made out of medal and medal wire. So i gathered some recycled coke cans and some medal wire with some heavy duty wire cutters and got to work. I cut all these little and big circles and some heart shapes. Then I punctured the medal with a sharp neddle and wrapped the wire in the hole. I did this in several different patterns and then attached all four medal assortments to a main medal circle. i hope my valentine swap buddy enjoys the mobile. i enjoyed making it so much i might make another one. if you want to see other Free People Valentine swap check this out.

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