Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not just another reusable energy

I had to create a garment using on food items. So i decided what better than CORN! not just a renewable source of energy but serves as a great textile too. After great design issues i finally decided on a style that would best suit the con and a human physique. I began gathering my material from the local Corn festival that was going on at the time. It is a huge festival where the local town "celebrates" Florida's agriculture. Luckily i was able to get two huge bags full of corn husk.
I started working with my pattern and sewing pieces of husk together to create fabric. I molded it in the shape of cups for the top piece. I used the zig zag stitch because otherwise the stitching would rip right through the corn. In fact some pieces i had to stitch several times because of the delicate husk. I then began sewing corn husk in pleats for the bust and for the hem of the dress. For the waist cincher i interweaved corn pieces to create a basket weave. For the bottom portion i overlapped pieces of corn.Then when i tried the pieces started to curl beautifully. Inorder for someone to wear the garment i had sew a lining for the dres. So I added some nice green cotton crepe for a lining and a Velcro closure for a great adjustable fit.

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Lauren said...

awesome idea! I'm gonna enjoy reading tis blog=)