Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going to the Chaple!

My sister got married last year and she asked me to make a veil for her. She sent me some pictures of her dress with the beaded corset and i try to replicate the beading design in Adobe illustrator. Afterwords i printed out the replication to use as a pattern for the bead work. I made a huge oval and flipped it in half to create a tierd two layer veil and gathered it in the middle for some nice fullness. Then i sewed a nice 1/4 trimming around the edge, which in the end created a nice curl for the veil edge. Afterwords i sewed the middle piece onto a hair piece and began my bead work. The bead work is made from white sea beads and swavski crystals. I created a swarvski flower in the middle with two vine shaped curves coming out of both sides with tiny leaves made from sea beads. Talk about time consuming. But i finally finished all the hand beading and she wore it proudly down the isle and at the reception!

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