Sunday, January 6, 2008

Surface Designing

I recently took a textile surface design class where we experimented with different types of techniques. one technique i really enjoyed was dyeing and creating shibori effects. I trasformed purple viscose plain weave fabric into a green/black shiboried dress. below are some pictures from my transformation and the step by step processes.

on the left is the fabric dying black, on the right is the fabric original face. then i wrapped it tightly around a 3" diameter PVC pipe. I wrapped very very tightly and tied the ends of so they could fall of. Afterwords i used color remover and slowly removed the dye in a circular fashion around the tube to eliminate streaks of black.

After a weeks worth of prepping i took the fabric of and it was green streaked over black with all these wrinkles, which is known as a shibori effect.

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